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The Apache Trail was designated as Arizona’s first historic highway,
and is an integral part of Arizona Statehood.

It facilitated the construction of the first water project under the Bureau of Reclamation,

and created the path for electricity into the township of Phoenix.

Due to the damage to Fish Creek Hill caused by Tropical Storm Lorena, the Arizona Department of Transportation

indefinitely closed the most scenic section of the Apache Trail.

Save the Apache Trail

Sign the Petition to Save
the Apache Trail!

The Apache Trail is OPEN past Tortilla Flat to the Fish Creek Hill overlook. It is an amazing scenic spot, worth visiting!


Some of the best scenery in central Arizona can be seen right from a car window along the Apache Trail. The trail is a day-trip from the Phoenix Area and drive is an experience you will never forget.  Because of the road closure, you can not currently get through the whole loop.  Please map your trip before leaving!

To reach Apache Lake, go out 60 East to Globe, then Follow AZ-188 N/Apache Trail and AZ-88 to the Apache Lake Marina and Resort

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