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Mesa Journal-Tribune September 23, 1932

Tortilla Flat, located on the Apache Trail between Mormon Flat and Fish Creek, has its first school building.

Creation of a new district in Tortilla Flat was recently accomplished and carpenters last week finished construction on the building. School opened Monday morning with registration of 14 pupils. Mrs. Spence Dingle of Mesa is the instructor. The school serves the children of Tortilla Flat, the Canyon Lake area, and Horse Mesa Dam.


Our Schoolhouse Museum Today

The original schoolhouse survives to this day where it was moved to Horse Mesa Dam after the flood of 1943.

At Tortilla Flat, the replica school sits where the original was located, at the end of town by the old hanging tree. Today, it houses a tiny, but mighty museum, and our town guest book.

There are as many stories about Tortilla Flat as there are people who have visited.  The mysteries and legends of the Lost Dutchman's mine continue to fascinate and inspire people to this day.

Visit the reinvented museum, which was redesigned and updated in 2021.


Guide to Visiting Our Museum

Just inside the door you'll find our guestbook, and a sampler of those who have visited before you.  The welcome plaque tells the history of everyone who has "owned the town".

On any given day, you can see names of guests from all over the world!

Follow to the left for a chronological journey through time, and our history.  

  • The History of the Superstitions

  • Native American and Water History

  • Our Display Case of Amazing Artifacts


As you progress, each section is marked in seasons, each new season begins after a fire or flood destroyed the town... and we rebuilt. again.

A sample of what's in each season...

  • Season 1 - The very beginning of our town

  • Season 2 - The Apache Trail and dam construction

  • Season 3 - The flood of '43

  • Season 4 - Mid-century service station and motel

  • Season 5 - The new, old western town

  • Season 6 - The era of building a global family

  • Season 7 - The modernization of an old town

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